How the Edtech space is adapting to remote learning

The Covid-19 crisis has acted as a catalyst in enhancing the teaching and learning process by giving a fillip to the [...]

Here are some EdTech platforms that can help you in ‘Study from Home’.

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, all the students are now studying from home Here are a few EdTech platforms [...]

Why Cost Effective EdTech Platforms Are Important In The Current Situation?

Recent times have seen a much-needed change in the B2C segment with respect to Edtech platforms The decision makers in [...]

How to Build a Captivating EdTech Firm

A successful learning platform is more than just a platform that makes education enjoyable A perfect Edtech [...]

Education 2020: The lessons that were learned

While 2020 was a terrible year over all, necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case, innovation, as the [...]

Mainstreaming coding in Education

By Mr Shwetank Upadhyaya January 15, 2021 Coding in mainstream education is a long over-due inclusion that [...]

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